Chairman       :  Saleh Abdullah AlMusa
President      :   Dr. Mario Nold
Directors       :   Dr. Mario Nold (Exploration), Saleh Abdullahi AlMusa(Development),                        Serge Huber (Finance), Abdullahi Yusuf Mohamed, Elisabeth Maria                        Nold (Secretary to the Board)

Chairman: Saleh Abdullah AlMusa


Saleh AlMusa has extensive and diversified technical, administrative and strategic planning experiences in the oil industry. He built this knowledge through hands-on work in oil fields and the management of various oil sectors all the way to running a large oil company. He has the successful experience and a proven record in reforming companies and organizations.

His effective skills were manifested in the comprehensive reformations which encompassed the business processes and the workforce in the oil companies responsible for the exploitation of the offshore oil and gas fields in the Neutral Zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that contain oil accumulations that exceed 30 billion barrels of original oil in place (OOIP).

Saleh AlMusa started his career journey in 1971 as a trainee in an Apprenticeship Program in Aramco, the world’s largest oil company. Upon an outstanding completion of the Training Program, he earned a scholarship from the company to pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering. On December 21st, 1980, he graduated from the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Petroleum Engineering.

His professional career with Aramco started as a Petroleum Engineer. He worked in all of the upstream sectors of the oil business where he moved up the technical and managerial ranks to eventually become first President and Chief Executive Officer of Aramco Gulf Operations Company LTD located in Ras AlKhafji city in the Neutral Zone between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in a dynamically political area.

Some of Saleh Almusa's career highlights with Saudi Aramco: February 1998, appointed as the Manager for the Reservoir Simulation Department. In November 1999, he completed and presented the Saudi Arabia 25-Year Upstream Gas Strategy to the Ministerial Committee that reports to the Supreme Petroleum Council which is headed by the King of Saudi Arabia. In January 2000, the President and CEO of Saudi Aramco requested his assistance to individually work on a proposal to reorganize the Upstream Business line which includes the Exploration, Petroleum Engineering and Producing functions within Saudi Aramco. The report included a revolutionary approach to reform the management of the Kingdom’s oil reserves and introduced an unprecedented approach to achieve the maximum Technical and Operational Accountability in all of the Upstream Functions in the world’s largest oil company. In February 2000, Saleh AlMusa was appointed as the first President and Chief Executive Officer of Aramco Gulf Operations Company (AGOC), Ltd. He was also appointed as a member of the Board of Directors of AGOC.

In 2002, Saleh AlMusa started his independent consulting work in the oil industry with a major focus on the Middle East and Africa. He joined forces with some International Oil Companies (IOCs) as a partner and an executive consultant to these companies who were interested in pursuing opportunities in these regions.
In 2008, Saleh AlMusa was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for Emtiaz Oil Company (EOC). He is also serving as a Board Member in Triple E Holding Company in Kuwait. In addition to these responsibilities, he is also serving as the Vice Chairman and Acting CEO for Emtiaz Drilling Company.

In December 2006, Saleh AlMusa established and owns 50% of Shrian for Development and Investment WLL in Bahrain to pursue projects in the field of oil and gas exploration and production, power generation, waste management, mining of precious metals, cement industry and other strategic industries. 

Saleh AlMusa has the belief that vision, planning, values, resources, determination and steadfastness are the tools to reach the top of anything regardless of its height or tortuousness. Although he is results and profit oriented, he gives priority to and sponsors humanitarian driven projects that target the enhancement of people’s welfare. His quest for maximizing his contributions to societies in general encouraged him to start his independent venture and search for honorable and reliable partners that share the same ethical and humanitarian values and objectives to join forces with. 

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